Problems sending Litecoin from Litecoin-QT on Mac

Looking for some technical help. I have sent some Litecoin from QT to my address. They have not shown up and the transaction is showing 0/6 confirmations in my QT wallet. Seems like this is a common problem but I cant find any answers online to how to fix on a Mac? Thx

make sure you have “Map Ports Using UPnP” selected in the network tab under options…should be all you have to do…however this should have been done by default…keep you wallet open until a miner finds the block your wallet is building…I usually just open the debug window and watch the transactions in the mempool…they go up to sometimes 150 transactions then to 0 and starts over…meaning the block was found…every time i see this happens that is when a confirmation happens on the transaction I just sent…also make sure you aren’t blocking incoming connections with your firewall…

all sorted - thanks!