Problem with Litecoin wallet

I opened a Litecoin Core wallet no problem but when I wanted to send some of my Litecoin to an exchange it asked me for a passphrase. I was never given a passphrase. So I opened another Litecoin Core wallet to check to see if I miss that portion of the instructions but that new wallet never asked for a passphrase either. I’m not a newbie but I’m not a techie either. If I’ve lost my Litecoin fine then I will delete the account an chalk it up to…whatever. If someone in the community could give me a definitive answer I would really appreciate. Thanks very much for your time. Joyoah

Let me suggest you to try Electrum-ltc for your new wallet.
For the old one, if by any reason you don’t have the passprhase then yes it is lost. The only chance would be to brute force it, which may be WAY time CONSUMING, depending on the passprhase complexity.

What if you were never given a passphrase? I opened another Litecoin Core wallet just to check and see if I missed something but it was the same, no passphrase. Something is not right with Litecoin Core.
Thanks for your reply and if I ever decide to invest in Litecoin again I’ll take your advice about Electrum-lic. All the best, David.

Please elaborate on this. I understand you did not put passphrase on the second wallet.
Do you mean the second wallet had a passprhase, even after being sure you didn’t put one?
Or do you mean it had not; just as expected?

You know when you open a Jaxx wallet the instructions are clear as to what to do, well when you open a Litecoin Core wallet you just wait for it to synchronize and there’s your wallet. No instructions, nothing, so I clicked on receive got an address and sent the Litecoin I just bought from Coinbase to that address. The amount showed up (less fee) in my Litecoin Core wallet I just opened but when I tried to move the Litecoin to say an exchange, it asks for a passphrase. Passphrase, what passphrase? That’s when I opened another Litecoin Core wallet to see if I has missed some instructions about putting in a passphrase but no it was the same, no instructions to put in a passphrase.

Yes, I understand that part. My question is: does the second wallet have a passprhase, despite the fact you didn’t configure that way, or is this an issue only present on the first one?

I’ve read a few similar stories on this same forum. However I don’t think anyone has been able to reproduce the issue step by step to clearly determine what’s wrong.

No the second wallet does not have a passphrase.

Yeah it’s always incumbent on the wallet holder to prove what their saying. Litecoin/Coinbase freeze your account and that’s a fact! Most people with similar problems are to timid to speak up.