Problem with Litecoin Core update v0.10.2.2 to v0.14.2

Have had Litecoin core v- on PC since 2014
Can not get New version v14.2 to update.
Getting constant D— Error message "Error Opening File for Writing"
C:/Program Files/Litecoin/litecoin-qt-exe

What do I do???

Please anyone…

Wow I guess this one has everyone stumped!

First back up or copy your wallet.dat into a pendrive or USB thumbdrive

Second just delete the software and reinstall new Litecoin core

Third paste your wallet.dat back to appdata there and open your Litecoin core and let it fully sync

I can do that!
Truly appreciate your taking the time to reach out and help.
Was not seeing any light at the other end and getting real bummed out.
Thank you for taking the time, you have made my day and little smile is starting to take shape.
It’s just me & my PC today, getting this all figured out is my Christmas gift.

Enjoy your holiday

If having similar problems with BTC Vert & Doge, Would the procedure to correct the problem be the same?

yes almost the same . let me know if have any problem . also i need some chrismas gift too haha

Thanks you again.
Just to confirm

  1. back up or copy your wallet.dat into a USB thumbdrive
  2. delete the software and reinstall new Litecoin core
  3. paste your wallet.dat back to appdata
  4. open your Litecoin core folder click .exe file to run
  5. let it fully sync
    Q?: Step 3 - will there be a wallet.dat file in the New Litecoin core and do I need to delete it BEFORE step 4?

Yes of coz but make sure the wallet that you back up is the wallet you wanted to backup don’t backup wrong wallet

Is it possible that a wallet.dat file found in the “appdata” folder (The vital wallet.dat Backup file, I was directed to Copy and Save on the thumb drive), is part of the New Litecoin core v14 downloaded & saved earlier?

The reason I ask is that I found a wallet.dat file in an external HD that I believe to be the one I am actually looking for.

I guess it’s also possible they could be the same wallet.dat file…

Is there a way to check the file, before running the sync?

Not sure it makes a difference but the wallet I received my LTC was Only used for the 1 transaction.

External hard disk one because the new core wallet.dat is no have any transaction inside for sure

All steps completed, except the re-install and Sync of Litecoin core v0.14.2.
tried a number of times to get the New version running but after the download is I can see the folder and open it but it appears none of the files will launch the program & sync process?


prior to your reply I did an extensive search of any and all old files and uninstalled or deleted them. Wiped browser history. downloaded new Litecoin V14.2 . I have a backup wallet.dat file on external HD.
Here is a screen shot of were I’m at.

Was getting ready to delete new wallet.dat file and add my wallet.dat backup file.
and then run the sync.
good sign is that there is an icon on the bottom of my screen that was not there before

Have saved downloaded file to F/drive where there is lots of room

could not find wallet.dat file in %appdata% search?

I assume that since the file is not there in “appdata” folder the file I need to replace will be found in the litecoin folder newly created in F/Drive

So at time point before clicking next. I go the F:/drive to New Litecoin core folder / open it / delete or replace wallet.dat file with my back up file. Return to the window in the last screen shot and click Next.

Is that correct? I await your reply

finish the installation,. let the software sync, them you can restore the wallet.

Ok I’ve opened to the New Litecoin folder but can not see a wallet.dat file anywhere?
Do you first have to run a Sync before the new wallet.dat file populates. Then delete and replace it?
Or do I just paste the old wallet.dat file into the new folder in F Drive and click Next?

OK Got it
Cheers : )
Loading Wallet
Will post results here
Thanks again