Problem about Litecoin wallet

I already have 13,637 LTC in blockcypher. But I can’t do anything. And I don’t have the Litecoin wallet. Somebody help me please. Thanks so much !


u dont have the wallet back up ? then its will be done for you . try to look up at ur computer that u last time install the wallet

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Thanks for your answer !

But, I use the Loaf wallet to hold LTC on my iphone. And now, I don’t know what to do next.

go look out at my guide for loafwallet there. if u have anything dont understand let me know again

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Sorry I don’t know how to restore my Loaf Wallet.

The text below is from blockcypher

"Transactions sent to La8CRqveNecfSsre2VUjQESDcmLjyAWsnJ will now be automatically forwarded to LTd7e3jYgm9HTFfXVbRdeYAr7DF1nBMB5H, but you must confirm your email to receive notifications.

Please note that for very small payments of 100 bits or less, the payment will not forward as the amount to forward is lower than the mining fee."

then u confirm from ur email already ?

Confirm the verification email ?

yeah if you no confirm it its normally wont help you sent from ur wallet .

Yes, I already confirmed


then you dont have this LSAJ133iEi66Re2w752FsNTdzf3u7UJkaJ address wallet with u ?

Yes. At the Loaf app on iphone I not see it. But at blockcypher is true

msg on ur way

I not understand yet

i already private message u check ur private message

I dont understand what your problem is…

1- Blockcypher is not a wallet, it is just an explorer of the blockchain, you cant have coins on blockcypher, but you can look at anybodis coins if you have the address.

2- Do you have an LTC wallet? what software is it?

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This is exact my address, but LTC doesn’t have in my iphone, Loaf wallet

if you dont see the address on your phone, how is it that is from your wallet, did you use this address before and now is not there anymore?

I have teach him what to do already.