Private key to wallet import format

Hello Litecoin community!

I was checking out Exodus and wanted to import a private key from a cold storage wallet on there. There’s an option to import private key called “move funds” and when I click it, it opens up a window for me to put my private key in which says Paste Litecoin Private Key in WIF Format.

I type the private key in manually and it says invalid sum or something, but I’m guessing I can’t just type my private key in and I must convert it to WIF format. I searched online for instructions on how to do it but it’s all bitcoin information and I don’t think it’s the same since it’s in sha-256 and such.

If anyone could please tell me how to convert my Private Key to WIF format that would be greatly appreciated. It’s not really posted anywhere and I think this is pretty valuable information for people that need to paste their Keys in WIF format.


I dont know if this is going to help but here it is…

check that out that’s all i could find

Thanks for the help but no luck, I seen that as well but that’s for the Litecoin-QT program/wallet

Dammmn… sorry man i have no idea how to get that set up… hope you figure it out