Private Key and encryption on litecoin core wallet

Hi everyone,

maybe you can help me: I thought crypto works this way: If you create a wallet, then you can create a seed (as example many letters or 12+ words). Based on this data the private key will be generated.

Now I downloaded the litecoin core wallet. Just in the beginning I had a “default” wallet with a public key to receive funds. In next step I decided to encrypt it. I entered some letters. But I think the private key did not change at all :/.

So I wonder: Is is correct that my private key is generated throught that encryption or did the wallet just create one private key in the beginning that was encrypted later?
(and if it is really a random private key, how can I safe it to loose not all my funds, in case my computer crashes? - i have linux running)

Restore the wallet with a usual non incrypted wallet. once all set take the next step.
Why in hell do you need to incrypt your wallet?

Litecoin Core is a bit different from most wallets.

When you first create a wallet, it creates a special private key (HD key) which all other private keys will be derived from. When you encrypt your wallet, all you are doing is password protecting yourself from sending coins without entering the password. Your HD key is encrypted as well. However after you create a wallet password, your HD key does not change.

To protect your wallet, you must keep a backup of the wallet.dat file & also the password you added.

TLDR: adding a password to your wallet does not change private key generation.