Pools that support segwit

If you support segwit time to point your hashing power at a pool that does too:

https://www.litecoinpool.org (Note: Currently must select yes for segwit on account page and pool pays 103 percent, no fee)





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I see three BIG solominers in de top 10 today, they have 11% of the hashpower. Do they support SW?


Currently they do not. If you scroll down on the webpage you provided you will see who supported over the last 500 blocks. Please note the three you pointed out maybe unknown pools that have not contacted pooler to be added to the chart.

Being a solo miner of that size would be awesome!
I hope they support when the moment of truth will come

http://give-me-coins.com/ now actively supporting

Great news!

Why do pools take so long to support segwit??? Don’t they realize that THIS is the opertunity to make a difference vs BTC!
I do think many miners just mine and don’t know about segwit or any other development in LTC, well miners you want provit? Which to a segwit pool NOW!
I see this as a development of LTC, if we don’t do this, LTC will slowely die for sure. It’s not a metter of doing segwit or not, it’s developing or die. You have to keep developing to survive…

YESS!!! the second biggest pool supports segwit, and with F2pool’s announcement they will too, we are at 61.6% already!!!

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The anonymous pool LYSjBteSBU started to support SW.

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we also support swegwit …you can check and mine http://sparkpool.org/

18.2% now, we need at least F2pool, Batpool and LTC.top to join…

Yes, we all need to switch to Segwit pools, also probably Jihan Wu is going to rent a bunch of hashpower from Nicehash to try to block Segwit towards the end of this signalling period, so we should probably pre-emptively do this and point them at Segwit pools. Any whales who can help with this?

This does not look good, in this rate segwit is not going to activate.
If one person is capable of doings things like this, it worries me very much about 'decentralized’
Second thing I don’t understand is why the threshold is 75%, why not a democratic 51%?
Does anyone know who is behind ltc.top pool? It’s growing but not signalling, maybe this pool can start signalling?

We support segwit over at