Please lower fees on the transactions

Lower the fees? With price rising fee is higher! This is unacceptable!! I need to pay higher fee why, please fix this thank you.

Please devs.

you can lower the fees your self by enabling coin control feature in your wallet…then set the fee to what ever you want…the higher you pay…the faster the confirmation…I sent LTC with no fee at all and it took 6 months to arrive in my wallet on the exchange…but it still sent…so the fees are up to you…the standard fee is just a “recommendation” by default

i’ve been sending fee free confirmed in minutes for years until the last few days, one of the many reasons (and segwit drama) i’m dumping litecoin altogether.

tis not what crypto was meant to be about and many of us old timers are over all this political bs, miners holding things to ransom, segwit bs etc etc etc

you apparently dont understand what segregated witness is…if you dont want to use features of a coin then just keep them on an exchange…every different crypto-currency serves a different purpose which is why some are valued higher than others…