Please help with litecoin core installation

I installed the litecoin core software but it crashed on my mac when it loads. There was an improper shutdown before this happened and I think a file must have been damaged because of that. so please give me some hints what to do.

I don’t have the mac. But I think some files is corrupted, maybe you can reinstall the wallet and delete all the LTC files (the folder located the wallet.dat and remember backup ) in your mac.

Buy a new computer :grin:

I m not sure if this helps. I 'm assuming you have your backup files backed up properly. (Also note i m no expert)
But below you will find a great app for Mac to clean files on your host. If you are looking to remove and reinstall the wallet

I got it from the official Mac forum.

You’ve probably worked out how to fix this by now. But if you get some sort of database corruption with the Litecoin Blockchain, you should enter the Litecoin Data Directory and delete the relevant files, and then reopen Litecoin Core.

The Litecoin data directory on a Mac is located in ~/Library/Application Support/Litecoin/.

You should be able to access this directory by opening Finder and using the following command: cmd + shift + g. And when it asks to the folder you want to enter, just copy and paste the Litecoin Data directory location provided above.

To delete the blockchain files, go inside the data directory, and delete the folder called blocks. That should work…

If there is another error, please share it with us by copying over the debug.log file found in the Litecoin data directory.