Please help! Transaction was rejected and automatically resent again

Hi all!

A few days ago I sent a transaction to myself on a exchange but it got rejected, a few hours (I guess) later if automatically tried to send it again

This one also doesn’t get confirmed…

The transactions comes out of an old QT client and I noticed I sent it with a low fee I guess. Hope anyone here can help me out! would appreciate it!

I think I solved this myself just now by downloading the newest litecoin core and cancel the transaction.

always best to use the most up to date client…the new Segreated Witness upgrade activating today prevents amllicious transactions…so hopefully you dont have any problems sending it with the new client…fyi…you can set the fee higher and it will get confirmed faster…I once sent .01 LTC to an exchange with NO fee and it took 8 months to get there…I’m sure if I tried it with a newer client it would eventually just reject it as it did yours…