Please give me special Tag when LTC reach $500

Hello admin…
Before this forum flooded by many new user, i am asking you to put special tag to me when my prediction is going real $500 for 1 LTC.

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Sorry…but with LTC at that price and likely BTC much higher as well, I will not be on this forum much …in that I will be ‘trolling’ for an ‘inappropriate’ trophy wife of dubious virtues… :slight_smile:

for some reason at $500 LTC we all will ‘mysteriously’ become ‘extremely’ attractive and blunder off

the litcoin forum here



Twitt about LTC at yacth ?

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yes…some type of mysterious thing here…the more BTC/LTC/Crypto I have the more ‘attractive’ I get…I am especially shocked by how interested ‘pole dancers’ are when you explain you have a hoard/hodl of BTC/LTC they really seem interested by the technicals and are quite cuddly all of a sudden.

This is a mystery indeed on why this is so! :slight_smile:


I’ve got less than 20 LTC so I’ll still be unattractive but I’ll have a new car! lol

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20*$500 = $10,000

I’m sure you can afford some plastic surgery then.

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