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20 LTC Help me to recover my corrup wallet salvage failed and get 20 LTC

Like I mention

Win 10 Litecoin core latest verion see attach

Wallet will not open I am stock I do not have millions of LTC but will donate to you 20 LTC if you help me step by step will also give you all my information so you know I am serious.

I got my password and all just do not know how to do it???

Try this here:
“You need to run the client with the -salvagewallet command-line option which moves any existing wallet.dat to wallet.[timestamp].dat and then attempts to salvage public/private keys and master encryption keys (if the wallet is encrypted) into a new wallet.dat. Once you have your keys in place you can import them into a fresh copy of bitcoin and recover your balance.”
Maybe it will help you to recover your wallet with private keys :wink:

or try it here
LTC Talk archive

Make sure you have backed up your wallet.dat file

Open the folder location of the litecoin-qt program. Right-click the qt exe file, in the menu that pops up choose “create a shortcut,” after it creates the shortcut, move the shortcut to your desktop.(if you are running the installed version, you will need to go to the program files folder and create a shortcut of the qt.exe in that folder, it will automatically create the shortcut on your desktop)

Right click the newly created shortcut that you placed on the desktop, and choose properties. The properties window will open.

Place your cursor in the field marked “Target” outside of the quoted string “…litecoin-qt.exe”
add a space and the " -salvagewallet"

should now look like “…\litecoin-qt.exe” -salvagewallet

Click apply and then OK.

Make sure your litecoin wallet is not currently running, then double click the modified shortcut on the desktop. This will start the wallet with the salvagewallet function.

Edited for proper commands.

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what should I do next window opens and then close completly

OK, so I see this doesn’t work as intended. Do you have any command line experience?

If so run a command prompt console.

type cd C:\Program Files\Litecoin

command prompt will be at "C:\Program Files\Litecoin"
type without the quotes “litecoin-qt.exe -salvagewallet” then hit enter.

This will work, whether it solves the problem is yet to be seen.

in admin mod
a little experience very small

I did it and the qt opens up and shut down right away

What does your roaming folder have in it? Have you downloaded the blockchain without your wallet.dat file in it to make sure it is not the wallet itself.
I ask this because you could have a “bad” litecoin-qt file. Make sure it can sync and start without your current wallet.dat file.
I would get into the Roaming folder and copy the “corrupted” wallet.dat file to another folder, and delete the wallet.dat file and start the wallet with an empty wallet. Let the wallet sync, shutdown the wallet, then replace the new wallet file with the old file. Restart the wallet and see if it still has problems.

doing it now

So you want me to start the qt like a brand new wallet
and then run salvage?

Only need to run the salvage when using the old wallet.dat file that says it is corrupt when you start litecoin.
The new wallet.dat file should not be corrupt.

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So I guess you solved your problem and now we will never see you again. Thanks for offering such a large bounty and then evading anyone that offered help.

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They are lost bro i had the ssd trime on and most the file key code whiped

I wish i had given them 30% to someone this would meen i have 70% left ;(