Physicist Speaking and seeking technical help

Interested in talking about the physics behind Blockchain technology and some of it’s applications within and beyond the currency module. I think that the authentication of an infinity loop within a larger continuum is an astonishing leap towards the development of Ai. I like how it is not decided, but through empirical observation, it is almost proven that the human influence in hashing out a singular block within the blockchain may result in a higher caliber singularity for the Blockchain as a whole. I like to thank you for welcoming me into the Litecoin community.

I also need technical support in beginning my mining start up. I’m a physicist with ample knowledge in Quantum Physics and I just began studying the mathematics behind Blockchain 8 months ago. I have some really cool ideas about building an ecosystem out of hardware to replicate the sub-dimensional ecosystem of the digital landscape. I think it would be a really fun and profitable project for anyone willing to help me out. I’m in San Diego, California.

Person with a physics degree here.
To me this sounds like a scientific-sounding mumble jumble without meaning.

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Check out Quantum USX - USX Quantum (

Way above my head, but you can probably understand where these guys are headed.

Quantum entanglement is the cutting edge of physics. Quantum computing is practically both the cutting edge and the holy grail of informatics. Do you really believe that anyone who is highly competent in any of these fields is spending their time creating a token?
There is nothing new in the whitepaper. It’s a collection of publicly available information. As far as I can see, they did nothing, but created a token.
Widely applicable quantum computing is far in the future. You cannot prepare for it now. It’s like preparing against intercontinental missiles during the first world war when flying was barely invented. Do you think that anything they would have thought of would have had any use against inercontinental missiles?

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It is really quite sad how the cryptocurrency community is full of their nonsensical tokens that have absolutely no innovation whatsoever and also fools who constantly talk mumbo jumbo. If we really wanted to advance quantum computing, it would be best to start with something more reasonable like reversible computing. The progression is classical computing->reversible computing->quantum computing, and it would be foolish to just try to make quantum computers (difficult) when it will be much easier to first make energy efficient reversible computers. And yes, cryptocurrency mining can be used to make it easier for hardware manufacturers to make profitable reversible computers (ahem Circcash, look it up).

If we wanted to protect cryptocurrencies from quantum computing and also mathematical breaks to the cryptography, we would allow for more signatures besides ECDSA exclusively.