"paytxfee" for low fee?

How much need setup “paytxfee” for low fee?

If i setting “paytxfee=0.00001” transaction will be ok?

I know in bitcoin use “setmaxfee”

Pay an optional transaction fee every time you send litecoins. Transactions with fees

are more likely than free transactions to be included in generated blocks, so may

be validated sooner.


using the recommended transaction fee will give oyu a faster confirmation because miners tend to exclude transactions that have low amounts because blocks can be found faster that way…low transaction blocks take a long time to build and once they are found you need 5 more on top of that to get 6 confirmations…I sent lowest possible fee one time and it took 8 months for my .01 LTC to arrive in the wallet I sent it to…


why my tx not confirmed few hours ?

1: tx fee 0.002
2: tx fee 0.001 is not confirmed 1.5 day

I sent my ltc from litecoin node from vps

if you are not broadcasting transactions your block will never be found…how many outgoing connections do you have…make sure you are mapping your ports using UPnP under options…what is vps? if your using proxy settings then the proxy server isn’t allowing your transactions to broadcast…uncheck proxy box and check UPnP box and restart…

vps - virtual private server…
[connections] => 11
but another transactions is confirmed…

i use litcoind in console on ubuntu

I see you said your using litecoind…you need to be using litecoin-qt…should be in the same folder or under bin folder …litecoind is just a server for external software like proxy servers and mining software to connect to and you’d run litecoind in the background on a miner for solo…

…guarantee you are not using enough ram to broadcast a transaction…
allocate more ram so your server has enough memory to broadcast the transactions…pretty sure you need at least 300mb? per node to broadcast…don’t quote me on that but 6 time 3 is 18 so that means you need at least 1.8Gigs of ram to run the server…they usually say 2 gigs minimum…my laptop only has 2 gigs of ram and take FOREVER to broadcast a transaction so I don’t even use that wallet because of it…has nothing to do with you fee
my desktop has 32 gigs of ram and broadcasts transactions instantly most of the time

I wouldn’t recommend using a VPS unless you have a badass machine using it or can allocate enough space to allow at least 8 incoming and outgoing connections…check your firewalls too…could be blocking outgoing or incoming connections to port 9333 doubt it but just something to check