Payment processor

Anyone know what payment processor can accept BTC,LTC, USDT?

btcpay server website claims it can, but people say that support for altcoins was removed.

Btcpayserver still supports altcoins. In fact I actually set one up like last week or the week before. So unless things changed in that time, LTC support should still exist.

Awesome thanks.
So it’s just the Umbrel implementation.

Can I ask what you deployed it on?
Raspberry Pi?

Could I setup a raspberry Pi with Litecoin Core, electrumX and btcpay server on it?

Or what’s the simplest solution?

Yeah sounds like Umbrel is just limiting you to BTC. I installed on a Ubuntu 22.04LTS VPS, using the official docker container.

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Could you run Bitcoin core, Litecoin core, and btcpay server all on same server, or what would be best way to configure? Each on different?

I think btcpayserver prefers if you run all the wallet nodes on the same server. At least that’s what we’re doing. Running btc/ltc + btcpayserver on the same 120GB VM.

btcpayserver, yes, its all you want is bitcoin?

they have a forum check it out:

Cool thanks.
I didn’t know that

yep check into it