Password hash - cracking challenge/assist!

Does anyone else have a pile of GPUs that they might be able to throw on hashcat for a while?

I am trying to help another user crack this hash:

What is known about this password:
Likely a few (two) words, first letter in each word capitalized. Also numbers, and likely an exclamation point(!)

All help is welcome! Thanks.

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Pls CXOP and anyone that can help, I sent ltc to a ltg address, how can I retrieve my ltc?

Admittedly, I don’t know much about LTG. There are so many forks of everything that I just stopped following most of them for the time being. But the basic steps would be:

  1. Get (export) your private key(s) from your LTG wallet.
  2. Load those private key(s) into a LTC wallet.
  3. Sync/rescan blockchain.
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Hi I have noticed you are an expert and very helpful - can I explain you an issue if you have some time please,

Many thanks cxop