Passphrase forgotten but balance found on Electrum - Reward will be offered

Hello All,

I’ve re-synced my original Litecoin Core wallet but encrypted with a passphrase that I do not remember now.

The syncing was taking some time so I’ve installed Electrum-LTC (Watching only) and its found my coins but again is asking for a private key so that I can send my litecoins.

I’ve tried a few methods (python hash, console debug), brute force software but to no avail.

if anyone can help to get my private key and passphrase then I can offer some litecoins for this assistance.

I dont want to go down the route of seeking wallet recovery services from dodgy Mick’s website.


If you don’t remember you paraphrase you at sh*t out of luck I’m afraid.

Services can’t help if you know this at all.


I guess the only method you can use if you don’t remember your passphrase is brute force… good luck. Maybe try hypnosis to remember.

Umm like others have said if you lose that passphrase you are out of luck. That passphrases very purpose is to make it so even if someone can recreate or mirror your wallet they can’t send your coins…