Paper wallet depositing

I A few years ago I bought some litecoin and printed out a paper wallet on it is a qr , that doesnt seem to work and the private key
is there a way to just enter the private key into say my coinbase acct?

did you print out both the public key and the private key? which one are you scanning?

have you tried a qr code reader to convert the qr code to text?

I’m familiar with paper wallets (I give them as presents) and I have a coinbase account too and might be able to help you.

How exactly did you buy the LTC?

Have you used a LTC blockchain explorer before?

Do you know how to scan a QR code?

I know of no way to import a private key into Coinbase.

I suggest you keep your private key secret and protect your wallet by keeping it in a snack bag. Ink jet ink is rather delicate.

download litecoin core on a safe computer and check the file signatures and enter the private key from your paper wallet. Maybe you used bip38, then you need the passphrase to decrypt the private key. Always spend all funds from the paperwallet… so you will not have problem with the change.