Paper wallet Creation

How can i Create a paper wallet for LTC ?
Does it need activation ?
do i have to check it out in a regular basis ? because i’m planning to leave it for 2 or 3 years :slight_smile:

Thank you

Step one:
Go to

Step two: on Google Chrome right click and “Save Page”

Step Three:
Run the page offline, without internet access/Wi-Fi off

Step Four: Go on tab “Paper Wallets” and choose how many wallets do you need and preferably choose BIP38 encryption (this makes your Private Key password/passphrase protected)

Step Five: Print and try to send small amount of coins on one of them, when you receive them try to decrypt the wallet with the passphrase and take out the amount so you can be sure you know how to work with paper wallets

Last step: send n-th amount of LTC to your new created wallets.

PS: you don’t need to activate your wallets, just create and send the coins.

just dump your private key with console and write it down…you can also use any qrcode generator to generate that to import it later if you want…you don’t have to use if you don’t want to…just write down the address containing the coins and the private key corresponding to it and that’s all you need…just make sure you are the only one who has access to the piece of paper because the private key can be stolen by anyone who gets it

Hello i am new in this… really new and i created a wallet paper but i cant send my Ltc from coinbase to the paper wallet code, it says its not valid. Maybe something i am missing? Also being following videos and coments and i cant find whats the problem :frowning:

you send the coins to the receiving address on the paper wallet and sweep the paper wallet with the private key

any receiving address is where you send coins and you spend them by sending the private keys to a wallet to be managed by sweeping the private key…all address have a corresponding private key and any amount sent to the address can be swept using the private key…so if anyone gets your private key…your coins can be stolen…your public key ( receiving address) is where you or anyone else sends coins to to load the address with a value

May be you’re not pasting the whole address in Coinbase, that’s why it says “Invalid”, or you put the private key may be. The easiest way to see if it’s valid is to go to explorer of your choice and paste the public key there, if you see balance or ZERO you will know it’s valid.

If you enter your private keys into a wallet to decrypt to sweep the money out, you have to be online, so after that the wallet is no good since the passphrase or key has been exposed to the internet and possible malware or spayware, is that a correct assumption? And if so is there a way to add your passphrase or key while offline so the wallet can be used more than onece.

If you once enter the prv keys online, the wallet is no longer cold storage, but it turn automatically to hot wallet, so I would move all the balance to other address.

you can download the offline version of at the bottom of the page