Opened Litecoin-QT (First Time in 4 Years) - Tried to send LTC and stuck in unconfirmed

Hey everyone,

Any help would be much appreciated. I bought my LTC about 4 years ago. Didn’t give much thought to them until the value started to recently increase.

I decided to transfer them to my Coinbase wallet. I clicked send and typed in my Coinbase LTC wallet address, however, they wouldn’t send and stayed unconfirmed.

I realized the blockchain update wasn’t complete so I waited two weeks while i downloaded all blockchain transactions. Took forever.

Today it finally caught up on all block transactions from over the years and my transaction is still unconfirmed. Is there anyway to cancel a transaction in Litecoin-QT?

How can I restore the LTC. Right now the wallet app is showing a balance of 0 but they never sent. Just sort of stuck in limbo.

Thanks everyone.

I think I was able to recover them. I downloaded the new version of Litecoin Core and abandoned the transaction. Now I just need to figure out why they wouldn’t send.

Got to the transaction, look for the transaction stuck, right click on it and click cancel transaction or something if the sort.

Hope it helps.

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