Old QT wallet gives invalid address error


I recently restored my old Litecoin wallet which is an old QT version. I tried sending the Litecoins to my ledger but when I try to add the address I get an error that the address is invalid. I read something about old wallets starting with an L and new ones with an M. I cannot find how to manage to send the funds, can anyone help me?


you need to update your wallet to the latest version from litecoin.org because it allows for bech32 and segwit addresses…old wallets dont have support for that address type
just download it and it will sync right up since you already restored the old wallet

You could also

  1. Connect your ledger to electrum-ltc
  2. export private key from old qt wallet
  3. use electrum-ltc “sweep private key option” to move your funds.

Thanks did this. Chain is now downloading again!