Old Paper Wallets show no balance?

Hey Guys/Girls,
I am new to this group and i see allot of nice info coming by.
I have a question, and i hope you can help my out.
I made 10 paper wallets in 2014 for some litecoin i bought and wanted to transfer them to my litecoin qt client today but i can’t.
I have lost the wallets password, but i do have the private and public keys that are printed on the paper. i backed up my wallet.dat file but like i said do not have the passphrase for it.
I have downloaded electrum-ltc and tried to import one of my private key’s in there, when i was finished it only showed the public address but no litecoin balance.
Is there an other way for me to send my lite coins to my wallet on lets say bittrex or coinbase?
If there is anyone that can help me out, i would really appreciate it.
Many thanks in advance.
Greets Jack.

If I have what you mean correct you need to get litecoin-qt and import a paper wallet

that is what you do IF you have the paper wallet of the public address and the private key

printed on the wallet

I think these are the proper instructions (the old ones I use from back in the day)

Here’s how you do it:

Generate offline address using liteaddress.org (you say you know how to do this already, great).

Write down the private key on a piece of paper.


Open Litecoin-qt.

Open the debug console.


walletpassphrase “whatever your passphrase is” 2000


importprivkey “what ever your private key is”

Don't panic. Litecoin-qt will take 5-10 minutes and appear frozen while it imports your address.

You have now imported your paper wallet and can spend the litecoins. However, if you send them at this point, they will go to an auto-generated change address. To put them back on a paper wallet, you should generate a new offline address and send as many as you want there.

Any snafu's let me know

I only use paper wallets (I hoard) i have a HOT paper wallet I use for day to day use with a bit of LTC and a BTC
verision…I simply have a text file with public and private keys on it and copy private keys as I use it…i could
lose cash on this …but hot wallet is small amounts

the other paper wallets are in the bank safety deposit box for the ltc and crypto I wish to hoard

they are “virgin” only have transactions in I can do remotely…never take any out…no hack issues or

if the house burns down etc

anyway hope you have both your public and private keys

you DO however on litecoin -qt have to know your password to the site…IF NOT don’t panic

there is a way on the litecoin qt and bitcoin qt you can prove you have the passord to them

with your private keys and an encrypted msg to them i think is how it works…or is it just like

a partial private key . a random 19 letters from it or some such in a row…I forget

a pain but a way out

anyway good luck any issues just post here someone will help


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Hi Searing,

thnx for your reply, so you mean i have to contact bitcoin qt and tell them i have my private keys and the public ones so i can get to me lite coins or am i wrong saying this?
Please let me know thanks.

back in the day…with bitcoin-qt (prob same with litecoin-qt) there was I think a way to prove
partial I think it was private keys on your wallet

again IF you have the public and private keys on the paper wallet

you just need to do the import wallet function in litecoin-qt I mention above

and with a probably NEW litecoin-qt download wallet and synch and you checked the computer

for viruus etc spyware etc also

you then just to the import function above to Import you paper wallet into

you litecoin-qt wallet on your computer (i’d prob reinstall litecoin-qt an synch to be safe)

easy peasy

the only issue is ALL ltc dumps into your computer wallet when you do this

and of course IF you make a new litecoin-qt install wallet on the computer be sure to

remember the password this time to do the above in the list

hopefully this makes sense…essentially you are flushing your paper wallet of all coin
into a new litecoin-qt wallet on your computer using your priv keys to do so (it is what paper
walets are for)

if you find this works ok you can then maken another virgin paper wallet with public and
private keys on them with the reminder coin you want to be safe

remember paper wallet has all info needed to get coin off…it is for safe non-computer
storage…so you make another paper wallet…(only copy in world) place it in a safety
deposit box

keep the PUBLIC key so you can ADD coin to it…but you need to go to the bank
safety deposit box if you ever want to use the coin and flush it back into a useable
compter wallet

main thing is damn hard to hack a paper wallet in a safety deposit box with only thing
known is the public key…thus I add to these wallets using public key all the time

but they are VIRGIN …never touched the internet unless I want to cash them out

hopefully this is clear …just follow instructons above

but remember YOUR priv keys are now in a computer when you flush this into the
computer wallet …thus comprimised (if parinoid or have 100 btc like me)

thus…I do my transaction (say equip) and then immediately move balance back
to a VIRGIN wallet I made previous for this purpose

thus damn hard to hack me if i plop it in…send what I need and plop it back out
to new virgin wallet (again this is for bitcoin qt and bit $$$$)

you can just make a hotwallet paper wallet too…for change…I do that and just
re-use the private key if i get ripped i’m out 100 bucks or something it is just
a change wallet for btc and ltc in paper

anyway parinoid way to do this or if you have big amounts (100 btc) and just

don’t want ANY chance of them being hacked because they have NEVER

touched the internet are just a public address or deposits to them ZERO

withdrawls (in that withdrawing requires flushing paper wallet into a compuer wallet)

pain …but keeps a guy honest on hoarding

any other issues pm me

or we can talk voice