Official online wallet from Litecoin is gone

where is the online-wallet “” gone.
there is a warning that the site is not secure enough
In Dez the site was changed the first time.
Did they changed the address again.
On the official homepage of litecoin the don’t offer a online-wallet anymore.
So if the site is not available anymore my coins are lost :frowning:

Never leave your coins in online wallets or exchanges.
Always use a software or even better a hardware wallet locally.

I do not know or what happend to it

Hi Maurio,

thanks for contact.
this site was offered on the official website of litecoin in December.
Few days later i cant find the address. After searching in web i found a address which was similar to the other one. So they have easily modified the address and everthing seems to be o.k.
But now the address doesnt work again.
And i cant find any notice in web.

What is, according to you, “the official website of litecoin”? Where they linked to

Because I think is a scam

yes linked to this online wallet.
Why do you thing that this site is a scam?
There should be many more users which have the same problem, but you cant find any conversation in web.
That is very strange, so far you may be right with your guess :frowning:

Please use or to point us to a version in the past where or links to that external online wallet you’re trying to locate.

Hi again,

I can’t find any link on this site!

I have still my wallet-adress to recieve coins. So, is there any possibilty to import the coins with this adress to another wallet?

You should do the search the oposite way:

put “” on that search box, and navigate trough the past years/months until you find the one with a link to the wallet you were using.

You can make a watch-only wallet using electrum-ltc, but it won’t let you spend the coins unless you are able to get your private key as well. Do you have a backup of the private key as well?

It is a good idea to provide the deposit address you’re talking about. This way we can check if coins are still there, at least.

Hi again,

i just checked the archiv again, but i never found a link to the online wallet.
So i am afraid that i have the address from google and store my coins on a “fake site”.

what do you mean with: "This way we can check if coins are still there, at least."
Can i create a privat key from my deposit-adress, because i have no one!

I mean to check the public records for said public address.

No, you can’t.
But if coins were moved away after you deposited them, chances are higher you got scammed.
If coins are still there, it’s worth a try.

I feel you, bro.

@Manson, any chances the wallet you where using was litevault?

No, it wasn’t !

…and how can i do this?