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Thanks 1st i want to say hello to all my (LTC) crypto members and make it known I’m a creator/designer and micro minter Of Privately Minted custom 1oz .999 Fine Silver Proof & Antique Rounds/Coins & Streetwear Apparel (LTC) (CRYPTO) ect… anyway I joined the group few weeks back and I advertised and marketed my newest upcoming release and started Pre-sales , it’s my 1st in ( Decentralized Silver Series) it’s a ( LTC) design called “ Jolly Crypto/Buy N Hold” Double Obverse … for anyone who don’t know what Double Obverse means it means both sides of coin are fronts so no reverse, anyway I took a lot of crap from a few trolls and keyboard warriors because without knowing any facts of me, my buisness/website ( Agsilverdojo Bullion & Apparel) some troll puts out ( SCAM) and sorry I took offense and I’m not the type to get offended and just take it up the a.s ! So I fought back and was banned, anyway someone did make a comment on how can I make a physical silver coin decentralized? Well I’m going to tell you and it is on the discription on my website aswell as what the exact design meanings are and it’s all ( LTC) and crypto/blockchain related or directly and I’m doing a new inovative idea that will link both the crypto community aswell as the silver Stackin community by marrying the two giving my silver coins double value and decentralized peer to peer the same way a paper wallet would work, on my silver coins I also custom design the display boxes and I have two ( standard) and ( premium) aswell as matching (COAs) Certificate Of Auth. Coins are numbered on rim of coin and also same matching numbers on the (COAs) so what I’m doing is putting a ( PUBLIC KEY) (LTC) on the coins rim with the mintage number of the limited mintage coins of only 2018 to be Minted (1009) Proof finish and ( 1009) antique finish. And then I will be putting the ( PRIVATE KEY) (LTC) on the ( COAs) the same way a paper wallet would work and I will be adding $10.00 USD ( LTC) value to each silver coin in mintage giving it now both silver spot value and now (LTC) crypto currency value so double value and try and Bring both community’s together because we all know (LTC) is the silver to bitcoins gold so makes sence to use (LTC) and it’s my crypto currency of choice that I believe in and in a Charlie fan and I see his vision and I hold 80% of my cryptfolio in (LTC) I Have been a Silver stacker for years and then crypto’s came onto the scene and a lot of silver stackers converted to crypto’s because simply including me we are fed up with the silver manipulations and the price be smashed daily and not being able to rise and then we see cryptos making more gains in months that silver has not made in years so it was the smart thing to do to get into cryptos and be early inovators in this new technology of the blockchain and crypto currency, so my thinking is let’s marry the two join both community’s together and it’s like the oldest real money in history silver with thousands of years as being money and the means of exchange where gold was for Kings, Silver was for the people, and meets the new the new technology of the future “digital money” which I know they the powers that Be want us to go paperless and go digital so this was a no brainer yet inovative idea pairing the two and having a silver coin with (LTC) crypto value where silver stackers no longer have to worry about the fraudulent banksters manipulating the price of silver and keeping it suppressed as long as the crypto value is going up and even better once silver is released from the manipulations you will have the best of both worlds that are both undervalued and have the best chance to explode in price or moon in price, either way you are getting your value and in time double value on each, so that’s how I intend on minting my new “Jolly Crypto /Buy N Hold” Silver Coins and having them decentralized peer to peer ! ! I am adding attachments of the silver coin design and if u want more details on the full discription u can visit my website ( and I’m doing pre-sales on the 1st :100: Coins in mintage on my website now, and I just want the record to reflect that I’m the type of person that don’t put up with trolls or keyboard warriors and I take offense when some trolls calls me out as some scam when they had no reason to or right to make accusations like that , something that can hurt a new buisness just establishing himself and my record the past 2 years with my website live and 5 star ratings and great reviews speak for them self’s, and getting banned from Telegram was me and the majority giving it right back to the trolls and keyboard warriors and I have no regrets for being a man and sticking up for his image and buisness that I e worked so hard for and the trials and tribulations it took to get to where I am today from a addict to spending 1/2 his life in prison to finding recovery and changing his life for his young son and I’m very transparent about my past and my story and it’s put right out there on my website called “ From Rock Bottom To Rocking Silver In Recovery” and yes I have changed a great deal and today striving to be a successful entrepreneur and great micro minter Of Privately Minted Semi Numismatic 1oz .999 Fine Silver Coin Nd But I promiss ya just because I changed don’t mean someone can’t pull the lion back out of the jungle and I’m telling ya those trolls pulled out this sleeping giant and I fought back and the one to get banned but I have no regrets because I have pride and I won’t let knowbody knock me down or make accusations that can hurt me or hurt my sons future the future I’m trying to give him and achieve by the success of my new buisness, so I do apologize to the guys the good guys on that forum and for you trolls and keyboard warriors “GET A LIFE” and stop hating , we all know it’s jealousy and envy and I’m doing only what you wish u could or had the brains too do! Anyway hello (LTC) community , my name is Jason Scott and hope I have a better experience here!

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