Now I feel like an idiot cuz now i'm stuck

I bought some l3+'s but don’t have the space/power supply to run them all of them. I figured that I could at least resell them if I couldn’t run them. Well now it looks like there’s a bunch of re-sellers who just bought a bunch. So i’m stuck with these miners.

If anyone is still expanding their mining let me know. I’m willing to sell these off at the same price i bought them for ($1650) . I bought 10 and am planning to run 4 of them. So 6 extra.

PM me for my cell phone number

run them in the garage…get some large fans…cut some holes if you have to…run a subpanel out to the garage…that would be what I’d do…full youtube videos on how to do subpanels or toss a bunch of miners in
a shed and with security …garage would be best however…

I ran 6 titans at 1250 watts each in my basment with push me pull me fans on a 100 amp service
(have boiler heat so no a/c central air etc) …they run a lot hotter than a bitmain unit L3+ you should
be fine…

here is my hobby setup (have most in a data hall)

selling them you need to use escrow or nearby…ie visit the person in person…

anyway, just saying credit card or paypal can get reversed and they have run your miners (or broke them) for the 90 days before MAYBE you get them back

I’d get some…but with the large dump of LTC asic’s in march…I’ll be lucky to make 1/2 on my L3+'s next
month at these prices and difficulty…so its not looking good for the ROI’d equipment folks

knc titans making 1.5 usd a day…they are gonna be shut off soon

fun times (not)


Hello, brother! I’m from China. I’m interested in your I3+. I can contact me. +086 15974077715