Novel Attack found

Just found:

Part of the Kudelski Security Research Team’s activities includes looking into new vulnerabilities and exploits. A few months ago, while researching ECDSA nonce attacks, a member of our team discovered a more general way to exploit complex relations between nonces to retrieve the signing key. A review of existing literature seemed to confirm that this was indeed a novel insight, so we started digging into it.


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I believe it’s unlikely they’ll be able to attack, but this is a good reason for why people shouldn’t reuse addresses. It’s not good for privacy, but in a very unlikely scenario, it may be possible to exploit private key reuse.

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This topic of attack caught me since i don’t believe its possible. Just keep your key safe and you are good to go. I’ll wait for the result of your ongoing digging @Nickz

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Many of those exploits requiere an elevated skilllevel.
Hacking is mostly phishing so relax :wink: