Not yet redeemed - Electrum Wallet (Spend more than requested)

Hi There,

I’ve been using the electrum wallet for some months and have labelled wallet addresses for various purposes.

Sine December and 3 more transactions made today all show that the transactions are Not yet redeemed.

The challenge is that I’ve moved LTC from one address in the wallet to another. The receiving address receives the correct amount of LTC but the sending address sends much more than what was requested. And reduces the balance on that address by far more than it should have.

When I look up the transaction as per this example: - It shows the correct amount transferred 4.68359759 but also an amount of 8.73512364 (deducted from sending wallet balance) which was never sent, both transactions show Not yet redeemed

I’ve downloaded the latest version of the software and reinstalled and downloaded the files with the same result.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

the second transaction it is called change.
the first is what you intended to send, the second is the change, change is send to an address own by the senders wallet, so your coins should be in your wallet.

Thank you for your reply. The balance in the wallet is 8 LTC there was 21.4LTC before the 4.6LTC was sent. How do I get this change to showup as a usable balance? If I try to spend the max available it shows 8 LTC. The Electrum wallet does not seem to see this change nor allow it to be spent

On your electrum:
Can you please Right-click the transaction >> Details
and send an screenshot of what is shown in the pop up window?

It should reflect “one input” and “two outputs”; both outputs should be colored green.

One is green and the other which is the change is yellow

Fine, that looks good. I forgot that in fact change addresses are colored yellow.

Please go to Coins tab. You can enable it on View >> Coins. Can you see there an entry of 8.73 Litecoin?

If you can see it, then you can right-click it >> spend to spend it.

There are no entries for this transaction showing 8.73 LTC. It only shows the 4.6LTC


On the Addresses tab, there is a selector that allows you to see change addresses. Please select change addresses.
Can you see that LQ9 address there?

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Yes and that address has a balance of 8.7LTC
I’m assuming I get to spend it via this method?
How do I avoid dealing with change in future?

Right, you can spend exactly the way you suggested.

There will be always change (unless you are moving the exact whole amount contained on one or various inputs). I think the issue here is that you may be hitting a bug because both destination and change addresses are yours. Please look at electrum’s github issues to see if there is a fix already.

Anyway, if you wish, you could manually specify multiple outputs. This way, you could select that change addresses are in the same chain that sending addresses.

I think the above can also be done by just disabling change addresses on Electrum.
Tools >> Options >> Transactions >> Disable “use change addresses”.

I will disable change addresses and clean up the change accounts. Also check GitHub.

You have been most helpful. Thank you for your time

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You are welcome.

On an off-topic: I noted you are using “legacy” addresses. I suggest you to setup a new wallet with SegWit-p2sh addresses. You are going to save some coins because segwit transactions are cheaper (in terms of vSize and fees).

You can read on that matter, or ping me if needed. :slight_smile:

Okay I will, I noticed that I couldn’t send to a Trezor LTC wallet and think this is why.

Oh, so you have a Trezor!? That’s good news. IIRC you can configure your electrum to comunicate with Trezor.
I have done that with my Ledger and it works perfectly.

BUT no, using legacy addresses is no the reason you couldn’t send to the Trezor. It must be another thing. Can you open a separate trhread and show pictures of that issue?
If you open it, please ping me there (@mautematico)

I will definitely want to link Trezor to Electrum.
I just assumed the new address format was not compatible with the legacy addresses I use.
Will setup a new thread for that later.

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