Non technical test users for MW testnet

How are you?

I would have wait but I think it is reassuring for some investors that he dropped the test when he said he would…he delivered.
So…big thank you to David Burkett developments and improvements which will make LTC fundamentals even stronger.

Im a LTC hodler and LTC enthusiast since 2017.
Learning to trade and accordingly reading a lot.
So I came upon an article stating the MW developers were looking for non technical test users for the tesnet in order to develop new wallet that integrate MW network.

If so, I would like to participate and give a feed back.
But I cant find where or how i can join and become a node in that testnet?

Any lead would be appreciated

Non-technical users won’t be able to help with the MW testnet. Though if you’d like to jump in the deep end, and don’t mind spending a few hours learning, then make sure to join the MWEB telegram channel: Someone there should be able to assist you.


Yes, im gona give it a try
Thank you

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