Non-hexadecimal number found in fromhex() arg at position 0 how to resolve it?

If I go to the LCC site to get my 200 LCC coins for my 20 LTC coins I get after filling in public key the error
non-hexadecimal number found in fromhex() arg at position 0 how to resolve it?

Please post the website address you’re trying to use.
however, I don’t think you need any websites to claim your LCC. Please ve careful


I need the public key of electrumLTC wallet I have that but get the error as I wrote

Sorry, that is not a valid url address.
Please provide the fixed and full address.

The conversion requires your private key, not public.

Not a good idea until you have read up on private and public keys and realize the dangers inherent with going through such a conversion with an unknown wallet.


you cannot get 200 LCC for 20 LTC…you can only get 20 LCC for 20 LTC using your private key or backup and downloading the wallet…PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANYONE COINS WHO IS CLAIMING TO GIVE YOU LCC!!!

I have got al my lcc’s> 200 lcc’s for 20 lct’s! I saw that different wallets have different ways to get the coins?! I had my ltc’s in an electrum wallet. Click on wallet ( electrum)>> private keys> export and you get 30 special private keys you have to import (import private keys) one after one in the litecoincash wallet. Not all the keys give you yr. coins! I have now my 200 LCC’s. I Hoping its getting worth in the future :slight_smile:

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I just hope you guys spent your litecoins to a different address before importing your private keys…200 LCC for 20 LTC is not how forking coins works…I speak form lots of experience and I have never heard of any coin doing that on a fork …
I will try my keys once i spend my coins to a new wallet but I refuse to use the GUI’s “Enter Private Key” option…however I have not even had the chance to look at LCC’s source code either…so that being said I am speaking from pure speculation…
replacing the backup is the way coins are suppose to be claimed…this ensures that only you are the one in control of your private keys…and until take the time to review their code and claim my coins…I am unfortunately no help at the moment on the LCC game…

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LCC multiplied by 10 the balance of litecoin, so everyone got their 10 times their litecoin balance in LCC. I.e. 20 ltc forked to 200 LCC.

bakd247: the wallet is empty. You have to make a new wallet for yr litecoins. The old one is empty then and your money safe.

mautematico: now hoping you can buy and sell.


well this is news to me…it doesnt say anything like that on litecoin cash website (that I saw anyways but I may have not looked in the right spot either) about there being 10x coins…but I will tr it with my spent keys…thanks