Non-confirmed transaction

hello guys
I did a transaction from poloniex exchange almost 9 hours ago.
up till now my transaction is not confirmed and i am not able to see my balance in my litecoin wallet.
here is my Litecoin address that I used.
I tarcked to the transaction and it is still stuck at zero confirmations and it shows in my poloneix account that it’s completed.
Kindly give me any advice if you can.
If it’s gone it’s ok.

It shows over 300 confirmations of 8.07875001 LTC to that address. What version of wallet are you using?

I think it should be one of the latest wallet version. It’s for Windows and I just downloaded it a week ago. Because I am new to litecoin.
And how many confirmations should be…?

You let the wallet sync? If you downloaded the core wallet and not a lite-version the wallet has to sync the previous five years worth of blockchain. If it hasn’t synced it doesn’t have a record of the block containing your transaction.

Edit: It takes time to sync. Just leave the wallet open and look at it later today or tomorrow.

Ok. Thank you soo much.
I will open it tonight and leave it until tomorrow and see how it will go.
Thanks for your support