Node not syncing after update to 21.2

Hello all. After the upgrade the other day I have zero connected peers and node is not syncing. Checked my firewall and for some reason there are two instances but other than that I can find no fault. There are not two different installs and there are not two instances running. I checked all the boxes to open the firewall and for a second it had one peer then none and still none. Any ideas?

Hi, dear friend from nowhere !!? i’ve posted at this forum the “same question”
The Link at the post : Error to sign the message … addresses ! Look That .
I think of sync is not active, at cause of an Internal Bug of the Version,Litecoin Core v. 0.21.2 dont sayed at moment of the downloads !!! :nerd_face:.
I hope to have helped you too .
By Fabiano G.

Hey that link is dead… can you try again? Thank you.

have you read ?

I can’t click on the link. It says “does not exist or link is private”

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Have you all read this?

Perhaps that’s the reason
After 19May2022 if you upgrade to a MimbleWimble Litecoin LTC core wallet v0.21.2
you must to sync your new wallet from scratch - wallet needs to download full LTC blockchain-
0.- Please: backup your wallet.dat file located in litecoin\wallets subdirectory. This file saves your LTC coins !!!
1.- download the zip wallet program from litecoin-project: Release Litecoin Core v0.21.2 · litecoin-project/litecoin · GitHub
for ex. , (32.4 MB).
2.- Unzip and run litecoin-qt.exe located in
3.- wait until full synchronization
4.- close your wallet program MimbleWimble LTC core wallet v0.21.2 i.e. litecoin-qt.exe
5.- replace wallet.dat generated for the new wallet with your wallet.dat file backed up -with your coins- done in 0.-
6.- run the wallet again
7.- you are ready to send and receive LTC coins with your new MW LTC core v0.21.2 wallet

If something fails in step 3.-
3bis.- close the wallet program, google blockchaindownload store and go to this site
4bis.- download the full LTC blockchain saved til 20220605 and follow the steps that say there to copy and replace all the LTC blockchain files zipped and downloaded from Mega NZ
Then 5.- , 6.- and 7.-


worth a try. That Might be what Fabio was alluding to, but something was lost in translation.


change blockchain

If you are saying what I think you are saying… the words you are looking for are “resync the blockchain from scratch”

Synchronizing works for couple of minutes and then it shuts down. It says not enough disk space.

Took me a minute to get around to it but am installing from scratch, (needed to move the block data onto a new drive anyway) and I have a couple peer connections so that seems to be the issue.

Issue officially resolved. Surprised the whole chain synced overnight.