No inbound connections to Litecoin core


don’t know what I’m missing here. Installed GUI version on macOS Sierra, it synchronized successfully but never reported a single inbound connection. The port 9333 is open. I also have a Bitcoin Core running on the same machine and it has both inbound and outbound connections.

you will only get outbound connections to relay your transactions unless you have a .conf file saved in your appdata folder that looks like this:
rpcuser=(your address you are solo mining to)

gen=1 is the key to get incoming connections because you are generating blocks with this setting so miners will connect to your server to get the hash work to solve a block…you’ll notice faster confirmations if you do this as I know I did…rather than just hoping my 8 outgoing were going to pool servers rather than just opened wallets…
I am willing to bet if you start litecoin-qt.exe using command prompt by cd to where you have it saved and then orun it by typing litecoin-qt.exe -server -gen=1
or by just opening console under help debug window and then type help there and find the command that generates blocks which use to be:
setgenerate true
…hope this helps

After several attempts, including compiling the 0.14.99 litecoind it finally worked for me with the litecoin.conf in the data directory.