No disc space (?)


I am trying to use Litecoin Core and it is trying for days now to sync but i always get a message about no space and it stops and shuts down. I restart my computer, open the app again, it’s syncing a bit, then same message. I’ve been doing this restart thing some hours now and slowly the syncing is being completed but now, at 67% it crashes all the time and can’t continue. Help! What can I do?

Thank you

Hmm, this is kinda weird. I’m not too sure what would cause this issue. Maybe you could try moving random files into the Litecoin Data Directory to see if there’s something weird with your computer causing Litecoin Core to think that the disk is full?

If you don’t need a full node Litecoin Wallet, you could instead try using Electrum-LTC, which is a light wallet, which doesn’t have to sync all of this block data (which can be hundreds of gbs big).