Newbie looking to move blockchain to usb and other questions

I have downloaded the Blockchain to my PC what I want to know is this.
How do I generate a wallet and how can I ensure it is safe?
is there a way for me to move the whole blockchain to a portable USB drive? how?
are there instructions for receiving litecoin to my wallet

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Have you decided which wallet is better for you to use? Do you want to have a full node running or do you want to receive funds?

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I want to be most private and be able to move the block chain ive downloaded.
Thank you

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Hey @WayneJay, welcome to Litecoin.

Let us clear something up first - by downloading the Litecoin blockchain you can make your PC into a node (or a miner, but this is more complicated). Wallets are software that keep your private keys safe.

Your private key and wallets are one thing, the file with the blockchain you downloaded in another.

Select a Litecoin or multi-asset wallet you like (ideally non-custodial, where you are given a seed phrase upon creating the new wallet) and then you can interact with ALL the copies of the blockchain in the world that are nodes (the network).

To have more privacy and security, and support the network, your PC can be a node as well and you can tell your wallet to connect only to your node and not one within the global network. This is optional and has nothing to do with the privacy and security of your wallet (and therefore your crypto).

USB question: If you have a large enough USB drive you can copy the blockchain you downloaded to the USB drive, but it will not act as a node or wallet for you. It is just a copy of a file that thousands of others have online (other nodes) and that gets updated every day (each block changes the blockchain).

Have a read of this first, about basic security and safety with any cryptocurrency, from the Litecoin Foundation:

Welcome to crypto