Newbie Exploring Litecoin

Hi !
This is my first day here.
Is Lite Wallet a better site to buy Litecoin ?
Is it useful to download Litecoin Core to our laptop ? Is Litecoin Core resource hungry ?
Many thanks.

On initial sync Litecoin core does use quite a bit of CPU for me. It also does use a bit of storage space 20+ GB if you run a full node.

litecoin core qt (windows only, i dont know the others… well the linix one but there i dont have funds…) …

after it synced the blockchain, it will use less resources… depends on litecoin network, isnt it, but its the best easiest way for the IT layman to contribute to the litecoin network apart from using the coin itself for whatever … but as i said, after it synced the blockchain locally its quite low on resources… little cpu and about 100-200mb ram … whilst syncing it uses up to 1,5GB on my system … cpu is mid then … but i have always several wallets running, other networks not litecoin… you can run only one per computer … have it on a low power computer like old laptop or raspberry style SBC … it should run 24/7 … so low power == better …
network traffic can be around 500gb per month … but you can prune and set network settings in litecoin.config – regards

Hi Wilderness.
Very useful info. Thanks for replying.

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Hi VigilanteSystems
Greatly appreciated the technical details provided.

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