New version crashes

I tried to open my wallet and got the message that update is required. So I downloaded the latests version from your website for MacOs.
Installed it (so it replace the lder version) but now it does not work. It begins starting up but then crashes all the time.

Please help, what can I do?
Thanks in advance,

uninstall the old version and just make sure you have your backup saved to a usb drive or something…reinstall it and then place your backup in this location: ~/Library/Application Support/Bitcoin and rename it wallet.dat
this will restore your backup and the blockchain should resync without any problems…guarantee the 2 versions trying to run at the same time is the problem…check your background process’ and services to be sure though

Thanks for your reply. So do you mean that after I removed the current version, I install again the latest version and than copy only the wallet.dat back ito ~/Library/Application Support/Litecoin or do I have to place back the whole LTC folder I copied on the external HD?

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just replace the wallet.dat file with your backup and rename it wallet.dat where ever you saved it is up to you but by default it puts it in the application data folder…so if oyu did not specify anything then replace it in the application data folder

Bakd247: So I followed the steps but unfortunately it did not work.
Do I also have to remove the current ltc folder in the application suppport folder and then reinstall a new version?

only if you have a backup should you delete the application data…your wallet.dat file and your backup are the same thing…as long as you have your backup saved in a different location then you can delete the application data…then uninstall the old version and reinstall the new one…then you have to replace the new wallet.dat file with your backup and rename it wallet.dat