New to the litecoin community

Hello Everyone,

I’m new to the community I hope to learn as most as I can from reading post about ltc. I started my journey with litecoin 2 weeks ago. I have known about litecoin for the past 3 years but it wasn’t until 3 weeks ago that I learned about Litecoin’s slogan “The silver to bitcoin’s gold”. That hit me hard that I don’t want to deal with any other coins except bitcoin.

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Welcome to the forum. Got involved since 2012. I stick to it as a payment system.

Holding BTC is OK, sending it off is something else. That is where Litecoin shines.

Since I’m new to the group, I want to learn as much as I can by reading posts regarding ltc. Two weeks ago, I began using Litecoin. I’ve known about Litecoin for the previous three years, but it wasn’t until three weeks ago that I became aware of its motto, “The silver to bitcoin’s gold.” That really hit me hard, and now I just want to work with bitcoin.

Well that Motto should be abolished a.s.a.p. Since the update LTC stands above Bitcoin in respect to Security scalability and of course speed of settlement. All thx to the @LitecoinTalkDevv and the foundation.

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