New testnet faucet


Since the only testnet faucet available is not working, I made a new one. It’s still in development, so if you see that something is wrong/not working tell me.

Please note that these coins have no monetary value. They are useful to developers and testers because they don’t risk losing real money when using them. Also, once you are done consider sending them back to the faucet address listed on the page so more people can use them later.



Such good news, many thanks. Wow.

Currently the balance of the faucet is gone.

I want a few tLTC. help, please.

The faucet is not empty (you can check the current balance on the page).

I can see that you already requested 1 tLTC to that address and it was sent on this transaction. Note that your address with the legacy P2SH format (the one used in the linked block explorer) is 2N8BtPcW5ApAyDviw9LhUFed9RC5TH2egaj.

If you need a bit more, just use the faucet again. If you need a bigger amount, send me an email to the address listed on the page.

Oh, sorry! Thank you!

Awesome, thanks for the effort. A faucet is very useful when developing integration with the litecoin network