New Pool That searches for Collisions to Recover your private key if you have forgotten your password!

Whats up guy?
I have been working on password recovery for Litecoin Wallets for a little over 4 years now. It has always been my dream to start a “recovery pool”…just takes forever to code one…
I finally found some code I can fork and use on Litecoin.
This pool is focused on recovery of Bitcoin wallets only.
I am currently working on my own version that will be Litecoin Specific.
Anyone who is interested can check them out here:

Any and All help is welcome from the community as it will take a lot of GPU and CPU power to run the ECDSA algorithm.
I will be announcing the launch on litecointalk once it is ready to go. Currently I am participating in this pool simply because their reward for finding a key is way higher than most pools currently pay out.

I am also currently raising funds to obtain a Hardware AES-256 key finder…
I am in need of $400 USD to be able to do side channel attacks on local wallets in order to recover the encryption keys so that I can decrypt any wallet with out the need of brute force.

The pool will be a great solution for the clients who have corrupted backups and password problems like the one I am currently working on.

The main one I am working on right now is a wallet that was imported to Core from Electrum, then had a password set to it.
As a result…this deleted the “master key” from the wallet and is what is causing the passphrase booleen to return false (wrong password)
because there is no hash to compare the password hash to any more.
Litecoin lead devs told my client that he just forgot his password…when that is clearly not the case because I can clearly show that the key is missing by doing a simple hexdump of the wallet.dat file

What I have learned through the years…
don’t trust everything a developer tells you because the chances are they do not know all issues that can come up from their code until an extreme amount of testing has been done.

As a result I decided to help people rather than just tell them they lost their money becuase the lead devs are too damn cocky and think their code is perfect…

If their code were perfect…it would never need an update due to key leaks, memory leaks and plain problems caused by updates or corrupted wallet files

If you or anyone you know is having trouble recovering their bitcoin or litecoin wallet…
send me a message

I am dedicated to helping anyone and everyone who has trouble recovering their wallets
Its not the publics fault that the initial code has flaws and is only patched as a fix

If you were not such a legit user I’d probably think this was spam…but will let this stay as legit.

We will see what the Sysop thinks on here and he spam bot…and/or the other moderator(s).

Anyway…such is the life here…how do you tell the legit from the non-legit…lately it is only 1

time posters of spam…so i guess i have that part down… I’m off to look at this link

Also note: I do not know this user…I’m assuming he as a long term poster is legit and everything

I’d only use this on a clean computer and maybe test addresses for now to see if it is as the user

states…so I am not recomending this…I"m simply leaving it up as it MAY be a legit service.

Just so folk know where this project is at at this time. Consider it an experiment…try some empty

addresses and pswds etc to test the service…post results here…the more legit users say this is

a legit site the more comfortable the staff here will be…so use at your own risk until further information

that your experiments may obtain, is my advice.


not sure why this reply was on a different thread and not here…must have been replying too fast

Its very legit…as far as I can tell
that is just a link to their pool site…not my site
something I have been dreaming of coding for a while at least…

idea I have is to make a separate coin though…thus giving the ability to have a private key recovered in exchange for the coin it is supporting. I feel that would get more support form miners because the payout rewards would always be high.
I am currently in the process of setting up a 4 gpu rig dedicated to participation in their pool first while I figure out how to integrate litecoin’s version number into the code

I feel that loss of passwords is the only “real world scenario” that is stopping main stream adoption.
If you could reset your password for a fee using this type of method; I see no one saying no any more…
every-time I try and sell a new person on crypto and I get to the “password lost and your screwed” part…its an immediate NO…and they don’t care to hear anymore…