New NFT Marketplace

We are still in development and would appreciate any new members for more feedback.


We also offers a litecoin faucet :sunglasses:

See u there :v:

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It is not a good Idea to publich pages which are unde development. A little more professionalism would suit Litecoin related project pretty well.

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Good question, yes and no.
Depending on the way of infrastructure.

LiteWorlds basically is an API.
The website is just a way to use it.

I mean litecoin itself is also just version 0.21

While I agree about your perception concerns- don’t judge a book by its cover; is just the first example using this API. It’s an open source community funded API- are you able to make something with the professionalism in mind? All the end points are in the javascript of which has been what ive used for reference, as well as speaking with @Falx on the project’s discord.

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