New LTC user ...needs help with transferring LTC from network to Jaxx wallet

Hello…I’m new at cryptocurrencies…I bought LTC on Uphold exchange and sent it to the Lite coin network. I have the current address and transaction information. How do I transfer my LTC to my Jaxx wallet? Thanks for your help.

You just need to get the Ltc address from ur jaxx wallet after that click send then the Ltc will go to you jaxx ltc wallet

Thank you for your advice…I appreciate it. I forgot to mention that I originally bought LTC from my Uphold exchange account. Do I have to transfer the amount to their address first…than to Jaxx? Steve

No need you just take the JAXX wallet address and sent from uphold

Thanks again for you support…but your last suggestion didnt work. Once I pasted the Jaxx LTC address into my Uphold LTC wallet…the message box was using the $ amount of LTC in the wallet. I’m trying to get my credited balance to move from LTC network onto Jaxx or Uphold wallet. Any suggestions…I greatly appreciate your time.

Sorry I don’t understand what you write, can you elaborate again?

My LTC is on their network…not in a exchange or PC wallet. I have the transaction information when I bought LTC. How do I move my LTC from the network to Jaxx or Uphold wallet? Thank you

just take the address from jaxx or uphold and click sent .

the one thing I dont understand, and maybe you can explain it to me…
What do you mean, when you said, “you send your coins to the network” ?

after that we may be able to help you.

Thanks Pedro for your help👍. My first LTC purchase on Uphold exchange was done by copying a LTC network address from their website. The money was sent…credited and I have all the pertinent transaction information on my Uphold dashboard. Now I know howbto generate the proper LTC address from my Uphold wallet or Jaxx wallet. Is their a way to retrieve my money that’s on the LTC network? Do I have to contact technical support and see if they have a solution. Hopefully the money isn’t lost. Thanks…Steve

please print screen show us the transaction . if not we hard to understand what help youre trying to ask for

Litecoin is not letting me upload my transaction page because I’m a new user? If you want to send me an email address I will attach the information ASAP. Thank you…Steve

you can just copy and paste your transaction here then we check



  • $ 500.00 USD
    To Litecoin Network
  • Ł 1.34176528 LTC
    Market rate ($ 364.92602 USD)
  • Ł 1.3701407 LTC
    Exchange fee (1.40 %)
  • Ł 0.01918197 LTC
    Network fee
  • Ł 0.001 LTC
    Withdrawal fee
  • Ł 0.00819345 LTC

Transaction created using Uphold Web Wallet.

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