New litecoin user. Having all kinds of problems. Now locked out of the software. Need Help

Hello, so I was attempting to block sync my wallet, but I kept running out of space. I read that you can Prune to retain space, so I changed the setting. When I went back in, I got a notification that said prune mode incompatible with blockfilterindex, whatever that means, and now I am locked out of the software. Is there a way I can turn off prune without getting back in? Can I uninstall/reinstall, and retain the wallet that I have? Thank you

Version 0.21.3 introduced a regression that causes the blockfilterindex error. Had the same problem on my pruned Windows setup. That was fixed by adding these two lines to the litecoin.conf configuration file:

This info and directions are at · GitHub

The first time running Litecoin core requires downloading the entire blockchain. Currently my Litecoin Core 0.21.3 full node is using 166GB of disk space on a Raspberry Pi 4. Once the whole blockchain is downloaded, prune mode can be selected to drastically reduce the storage requirement. My Windows installation pruned to 1 GB of space. It is occasionally updated from the Pi 4.

Keep in mind that once the pruned option is set, the only way to go back to storing the full blockchain is to download it all over again. That’s because pruning reduces your blockchain copy down to the most recent transactions, deleting all older transactions that don’t fit into the specified prune storage size. The choice of pruned or unpruned all depends on your circumstances and priorities.

Re-installing the application should not delete your wallet folder. The wallet folder should be recognized after the running the re-installed application. Always has worked that way for me installing new versions of Core. In all circumstances, be sure to keep a copy of your wallet folder backed up in a separate place. It can be quickly copied back in case of corruption, accidental deletion, or a severely botched re-installation.

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Never mind the previous post. I found it tank you to the instructions you provided. I will give this all a go and reach out if i have any more questions!

Having the same issue. How do you solve. Thank you


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I need help to locate my litecoin code i found it one day walking down the street and i dont see the sticker with a code.