New Litecoin Game: Coin Dogs



Hello Everybody!
We spent 6 months of hard work to develop a new cryptocurrency game called COIN DOGS. It’s no secret we were inspired by Cryptokitties but game play is much deeper.

With Coin Dogs you can

  • Selectively breed dogs from 20+ common breeds with 6+ Billion DNA permutations
  • Race dogs on a racetrack against other players
  • Discover new dog breeds
  • Collect bounty awards
  • Collect achievements
  • Profit from owning special characters
  • Chat with other players
  • Participate in live auction
  • Profit from value increase model
  • Become an owner and share profits from the game

Your feedback is appreciated and we’d love to see you on board!

Check it out at use invitation code: 2576475545


hmmm…from what I can tell it is .06 LTC to buy one of the 2 dogs needed…that comes out to

at $118.83 to something like $7 bucks a dog and from my brief look you can ‘race’ them (I assume for wagers)

seems like a way to just ‘take’ your LTC …if I understand this correctly

no way