New Here for investing in LiteCoin for future investment

Hi fellas,

I am new in Litecoin so I would like to know where I start from ? Can I earn 10$ a day from litecoin by investing how much ? I have downloaded the Litecoin Core and its updating slowly … I need to know step 1-2-3 and all in order to fully aware how it works … also I need to know why I have to give my CPU GPU for it ? as I am new I have very little information regarding it but I am reading about and seeing videos. Any help would be a kindness for me

you can buy litecoin with a debit card and a legal form of id here:
and if you dont want to buy and just want to mine with your computer or buy a good miner and make a decent amount of coins…check out this site:

Thanks for reply … what would be difference in mining and buying litecoin ? Please guide

Hi! when you buy litecoin or any other crypto currency, with the intent on making money, you are basically just buying and holding to see if value will go up. If you are mining, you can either buy your own miner machines and use its hashing power to generate coin revenue - thus the mining aspect. Some people join mining pools and others - like our clients - buy GPUs or ASICs to host at a facility that has good energy rates. Thats what does in Atlanta, GA. It all depends on how much money a person wants to put into mining. A Pool is a good way for someone getting started.

So I start with mining first then buy later on ? right ?

one you buy and one you earn…they are both the same end product…a digital credit secured forever on a blockchain…please read the beginners guide…

you can buy and never mine or mine and never buy…you do what ever you want…I personally do it all…

the point is it is all trading on exchanges and eliminates the middle man (banks) because it is a peer to peer currency…

you can exchange coins for dollars on an exchange or by selling them in person…please just google “what is a bitcoin” or just watch the intro video at…and red up on cryptocurrency in general…there are millions of resources on every search engine…WIki is full of everything anyone could ever want to know about bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Now I understood what to do :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for this guidance

if you’d like to start mining with a cpu checkout my new website:
ADEC Mining Pool

It is a pool that i am running which mines the Monero blockchain…but I am paying out in the equivalent in Litecoin or Bitcoin…go there and create an account and i will send you a password for your miner once I approve you and you can start mining right away…I would just need your receiving address after that where you want your earnings sent to…
I recommend going to and downloading a core wallet for your device…once you install it…wait until the blockchain is fully synced before you click “receive” for a new “Receiving Address”

Wow thanks … I have downloaded the wallet and it being sync and it needs time, so far its 50% done. Can you define in few words what is block chain ? please … I prefer mining before investing it to understand it first deeply

Your site is not opening … any issue ?

your device may need a lower difficulty to validate that the miner can run…try this one:
ADEC Mining Pool - Lowered Difficulty

let me see

It`s not opening either :confused:

you need to make sure you have Java installed on your browser
and apparently your ad blocker is blocking the verification step…you can add the site as a security exception and the links above should work then
here is the direct link without verification…make sure you testt the miner at the bottom first though to make sure it will work for your device…

set a lower thread number if it does not start turning in hashes with the settings it has by default

Okie I put your site in exception … hold on then

this one is not opening either … just blank white screen :confused:

its your security settings on your device…not allowing the miner to work…
try it with http instead of https…just manually type the address into your address bar…
your device is not allowing html links to work…

and more than likely you need to update your SSL certificate

Yes I got … its working … now what I have to do next tell me :slight_smile:

Click the login/sign up button at the top and create an account…then i will approve your account and you can log into your miner with the password I email to you…then click start…male sure you test your device with the miner at the bottom of the page

Got it !