New Azure Lite Coin Core server and cpu miner

Any tips setting up a core node and a miner in Azure? The free servers there are too tempting not to use them. If it works perhaps paying for a cpu upgrade would become cost effective. Cheaper than buying a rig with no where to plug it in. Solo mining forget pool mining if I can write :writing_hand: one block a month I am happy it is about luck :four_leaf_clover: and I think I have it. It doesn’t matter your hash rate it is coming up with the right hash first after all. Perhaps wishful thinking but one bitcoin block and I would quit lite coin I would need one a month to get off the streets. Mining crypto the last great gold rush I have the fever

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did you ever figure anything out. i have been tempted to try a similar set up but i would hate to put in the work and them not allow it to run for awhile