New Antminer L3 ++ Problems of operation, connection or APW3 ++, or both?

Good morning to all and in advance thanks for the collaboration.

I have problems with my new antminer L3 ++, which has been with me for a week and I have not been able to use it.

When I made the purchase, I also bought an APW3 ++ that is not a BITMAIN brand, commented because I have some suspicions that this is what does not allow it to work properly, but I’m not sure.

Initially when I connected it did not work, so I thought it would be the APW3 ++, although later it worked, however the Antminer turns on and there is a moment when it seems to turn off and restart as the APW3 ++ fan shuts down and quickly restarts.

When I can finally enter the IP and try to configure the options the connection is quite unstable and the text appears: “socket connect failed: connection refused”

I contacted the Internet provider in my city thinking it was the router and the ports opened but the problem persists.

I really do not know what might happen: The connection, the APW3 ++, both? I feel a little sad with the subject.

I appreciate the attention paid to this post