NetCurrency IndexProtocol Presale was started on 26 OCT

NetCurrency IndexProtocol Presale was started from 26 OCT :

NetCurrency IndexProtocol – The Benckmark - Presale for wordls first Index ETF + Coin opens 26.Oct
The idea oft the NCI Index Family ist to measure the entire Blockchain sector ,like the S&P500 Index does for the US Stock Market.

The NetCurrency Index Family setting new Standards and has become the Benchmark for the Cryptocurrency and related Blockchain Industry

Netcurrencyindex is starting its PreSale oft he worlds first Index ETF + coins at 26. Oct and will launch the Worlds´s FIRST Crypto Index ETF+ Coin ,which covers over 99% of the current Cryptocurrency Market Worldwide by marketcab ranking, enabling the participant to stay updated all the time about the strongest Cryptocurencies and growing ICOs from the Blockchain sector in an automatic way.

With our visionary and revolutionary Netcurrency Index ETF + coin you get the +boost by monthly paid dividend directly in your coin from our Cryptocurrency Arbitrage trading
Thats the best product on the Cryptocurrency market ever to participate in best secured and low risk way.

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