Need some help! The bank won't give me my coins!

Hello dear friends!
I have two litecoins! I bought them in 2017-2018. They are in CoinsBank . He won’t give me my coins! Why they did this, I do not understand. There LTC lay just in the wallet on the site for storage. I wanted to withdraw these coins. But I can’t do it. The bank’s support service is not responding. Completely ignores all my questions in the chat. Emails are not answered! What should I do? Tell me friends!

Yeah, there’s nothing you can do

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First I would go public until they notice me. 1 star rating in app store with description of your problem, public complaining in Twitter, facebook etc. mentioning them.
If you are in the UK, I assume, you can also contact consumer protection services.
2 LTC is worth the fight.
Oh, I’ve read some more about it. You can ignore the first part, they already have an awful reputation and they will simply ban you on facebook.
There must be a Reddit group against them, collecting the scammed people, join them.
I cannot decide if it was an ad, but someone mentioned Myrecoup as a way to get back your money. Be aware, it might be a scam built on top of another scam. If they (or any company) succeed in getting back your money, they should take their part from that and NOT asking for it ahead.


here is their website! Скриншот 16-04-2021 201834

Adding this to the ‘do not trust this web wallet’ thread I posted some time back.

Sorry to hear this buddy. Not your keys, not your coins.

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thanks bro

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I’ve looked into it, and if you did not log in every year, your money is gone. After 12 months of inactivity they took a ~50 USD inactivity fee per month. (They defend themselves with that it is in the user agreements.) People have been loosing their money for this company for more than 3 years.
I’m pretty sure this could be attacked legally, because at that time they were still in the EU and I cannot believe this can be legal. But without a collective effort nothing will happen.


Thank you friend !
You give me very good advice !
I will solve the problem using your given link !

Thank you, friend, for your detailed answer to my topic in this forum! I really like your advice!