Need Litecoin Testnet DNS seeds

I’m currently using the LitcoinJ library (github pokkst/litecoinj) and in the docs it says that the wallet works for the testnet. The provided DNS seeds are:
testnet-seed.litecointools .com
seed-b.litecoin.loshan .com
dnsseed-testnet.thrasher . io

However none of these appear to be returning any peers, can anyone provide me with some others?

Hm, @losh11 , @thrasher can you help?

I managed to contact Loshan yesterday, he said he’ll try and get his seeder back online so hopefully it’ll be resolved soon! Thanks

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So do these 3 litecoin testnet DNS seed servers still work??? It does not appear that they are even available anymore??? None of these 3 dns addresses even ping/resolve to an ip address currently.

It was last year that I heard about them. I got to know that they were going down. How have they been doing now?

None of the 3 testnet seed addresses are even dns names that resolve to ip addresses anymore. If you do nslookup on them you can see they do not exist. So, have to ask if the LiteCoin testnet is even operational anymore??? Sure doesn’t appear to be

The 3 dns seed addresses for LiteCoin testnet are:
testnet-seed…litecointools…com, seed-b…litecoin…loshan…co…uk, dnsseed-testnet…thrasher…io