Need help with litecoins that were sent from pool years back and are in 0 memory pool reward

hi guys i have an issue with a lot of litecoins that were sent to me but never arrived it says 0 memory pool i tried abandoning the transaction but with no luck if some one can help me get those litecoins back ill give 5 litecoins as a reward the litecoins where sent from a pool while i was mining years back dont remember what pool was it but all the transactions look like there lost in limbo

what is the address so we can look on block chain

hi in the address only one transaction shows up one recent but all the ones that the pool auto sent are stuck

did you buy a wallet.dat file? could be that it was fake to show transactions with balances that are just simply not real transactions. People buy wallet.dat files like that all the time.’

also copy/paste the address so we can use it, its harder to pull that info from images.

according to the blockchain that address has had one valid input and one valid output and those are the top two transactions on your screenshot - so maybe if you could copy/paste some of the transaction id’s

DO NOT try to abandon those transactions. Instead, try broadcasting them.

If you still have the involved transactions, I might be able to help you with this. Feel free to send me a private message.

woa is that a thing? O_o
anyway OP says those are coins personally mined years ago, so I think that means OP hasn’t bought a wallet.dat file

well of course someone that bought one wouldnt outright say they did. but those transactions are not on the litecoin blockchain. so are either fake or maybe testnet… the only activity that address ever saw are the top two transactions shown in the OP’s screenshot.